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  RWW Version Notes [v9]
Posted by: Evocator - 02-04-2016, 07:42 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (35)

[Image: LdHNTdI.jpg]

Hi everyone! The latest RWW version is now running on the server and available for you all to enjoy. We added quite new features and changed others to provide you with the best gaming experience. This update is a major internal update. Some changes were applied that many of you might not realize of.
Here is a list of changes

Display, UI
- Warning styles changed.
- Many color adjustments were applied.
- Multiple dialog color changes.
- Reshaped information, help and damage textdraws.
- Reworked /spree style of display.

- Fixed a swap machine bug that caused a screen text not to display.
- Added the ability to disable auto capture.
- Auto capture can be toggled in /settings.
- Once you enter a zone while auto capture is disabled, you must press the LALT (Left Alt) to capture.
- Area 51 spawn points changed.
- Area 51 control room now has a gate. You need to capture Area 51 to be able to access the room.

- Mercs can enter bases without being shot to death.
- Base SAMs were added.
- SAMs were auto target any air vehicle to enter the base after a couple of seconds.

Base Vehicle Repair
- Players can now repair air vehicles inside their bases.
- Once a player enters an air vehicle, a red zone inside the base will appear.
- You need to press N inside the red area to fix your vehicle.
- You must stay inside the vehicle and inside the red zone to fix the vehicle.
- Fixing a vehicle costs $1000.

Quick Strings
- I have added quick strings.
- Quick strings are small phrases that are replaced by information for you too share.
- You can type a quick string in the text you are typing.
- Quick strings are also replaced by the name/id of commands.
- Here is a list of quick strings. Ones marked with a * are also replaceable with name/ids
[Image: 9Ea9nGp.png]

- An alert will be sent to all clan members when the clan expires or is deleted.
- An alert will be sent to the user if someone failed to login to your account.
- An alert will be sent if someone exceeded login time with your account.

Toxic, Nuke
- Added new zones to the toxic dialog.
- Removed useless zones from the nuke that were never used.
- Changed the nuke display to a checkpoint.
- You will see a countdown of the time when you create the toxic bomb.

- Added Area 51 SAMs.
- Area 51 SAMs can be accessed from Area 51's control room.
- You can target Area 51's SAMs on anyone inside Area 51 and in an air vehicle.
- You can target 3 SAMs at once.
- Each SAM costs you $10000.

- /locate now display the jail time if someone is jailed.
- You will get a message if someone is trying to locate you.
- Added new information in /help dialogs.
- Added donor boats (@ev0lution's request).
- Donor boats can be changed in /dmenu.
- Added shortcuts to commands, here is a list:
[Image: WZAJEjM.jpg]

Classes / Teams
- Mercs can now /locate anyone.
- Mercs can use any shop at any base.
- Increased the score Mercs receive on each kill by 1.
- Increased the cash Mercs get on each kill by 10%.
- Increased the moltoves ammo for pyroman.

Bugs / Typos
- Fixed a bug that caused a desync of timers and the server's clock.
- Fixed a bug related to ammo syncs.
- Fixed a bug that caused extra ammo to be given above limits.
- Fixed a bug that caused mission top lists to rank duplicates.
- Cleared all mission top logs.
- Reworked headshots, hopefully to fix headshot bugged players.
- Donors now receive double the score of normal players in minigun deathmatch arena.
- Fixed a typo with the anti-headshot helmet's cost in shops.
- Fixed a bug related to shooting mission boost.

- Everyone's settings has been converted back to normal for I fixed a bug with the setting's saving.
- Removed half of the server's vehicles in an attempt to track the server crashing issue.
- Added a new IRC bot in #rww channel.
- Peds are smarter, more clever now.
- Minor AC updates.

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  TeamSpeak 3
Posted by: Danny - 01-28-2016, 08:28 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (572)


On behalf of SledgeHammer, whom we thank for the bringing back of the server, I'd like to announce that our TeamSpeak 3 server is now back online! We warmly invite you over for a chat and warmly invite you to dispose of this free communication form for you to chat and discuss with other online players and friends.

TeamSpeak 3 IP:

See you there!

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  RWW Version Notes [v8.75] + Holidays Winners
Posted by: Evocator - 01-04-2016, 03:27 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (22)

Real World at War TDM v8.75 Release Notes:
Update Implemented on: 4th of January, 2016

Holidays are over Sad. I'd like to congratulate the following people:
[Haha]m@tty - donor level 2 (collected 666 gifts from trees).
[iF]AC$ - donor level 1 (collected 394 gifts from trees).
[LFx]Jose_Carrillo - donor level 2 (found 315 lost santa gifts).
[LFx]Matuuu - donor level 1 (found 291 lost santa gifts).

Another version is also out with some minor changes:
- Fixed a nuke bug in the arab base.
- You can now only /locate your cargo delivery.
- Minimized the stats TDs size. 
- Fixed donors spawning vehicles inside area 51.
- Fixed the zero ammo weapon pickups.
- Clan cash donated now logs in /stats.
- You can now kick offline clan members from your clan by /clankick (nickname). 
- /clanleave now sends confirmation dialogs.
- You can now receive offline alerts.  If you have pending alerts, you will be notified on spawning. You can type /alerts to view your pending alerts.
- If no one killed you while you're on bonus, you will receive half of the bonus.
- Multiple bug fixes.
- Nightvision and thermal googles are back.
- Fighting style costs a bit more now but saves.

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  RWW's Holidays Update
Posted by: Evocator - 12-16-2015, 06:15 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (37)

[Image: 167psVp.png]

Its holidays time.  RWWs Holidays Update is out with some new outstanding features.

- Christmas decoration all over the map.
- You'll be given a santa hat once every you spawn (toggled by /hat).
- Peds will be sending random gifts to everyone by santa.
- Your Christmas hat should be on to receive the random gifts.
- Santa will be dropping gifts all around the map.
- Christmas trees are distributed all around the map and gifts are placed under each, /gift to collect them!
- Extra cash and score points for each kill and capture.
- /2016 for new year countdown.
- Admins can send gifts to players.

Additional changes:
- You can now talk to the peds!!  Send peds a pm by /pm 666 (msg) and wait for a response.
- AC v2.2
- Fixed the bugged dam gates.
- Limited the clan donations to $500000 per donation.
- Changed the /stats style.
- You can now respond to your team-mates' backups by /respond(/res).
- Increased the max clan members amount to 75.
- Bug fixes.

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  RWW Version Notes [v8.69]
Posted by: Evocator - 11-20-2015, 10:46 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (30)

Real World at War TDM v8.69 Release Notes:
Update Implemented on: 21st of November, 2015

Mainly a security update that includes:
- AC updates
- Added a new feature that decreases the health of enemies inside bases (except spies).
- Many bug fixes
- /changename dialog fix for amount of cash.
- Made Eurasia base longer for rustlers.
- Decreased the server slots to 150.
- There was a bug with the weapon stats saving. The weapons were not correctly saved for players, and thus not resetting for new ones. Which means everyone could be sharing your stats when you log in. I had to reset accounts who registered after 16-10-2015 to fix this problem. I know this is disturbing but i have no other choice. Sorry for that.

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  RWW Version Notes [v8.67]
Posted by: Evocator - 11-04-2015, 02:21 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (15)

Real World at War TDM v8.67 Release Notes:
Update Implemented on: 4th of November, 2015

- Halloween is over. I'd like to congratulate [LFx]Jose_Carrillo for winning $10,000,000 for picking up the most pumpkins this year (107).
- Players joining the server with a clan tag that match any registered clan and they're not members will get them a temp name.
- No one can add a clan tag in their name unless they are in that clan registered with the tag.
- Minor changes with the duel system.
- Many changes in the script, bug fixes and improvements.

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  RWW Halloween Update [v8.666]
Posted by: Evocator - 10-26-2015, 05:49 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (24)

[Image: BuDYw76.jpg]

The RWW Halloween Update is released. There aren't many new features on version 8.666. However, you will find some new changes from last year's event:

- New skins.
- A new zombie class capable of possessing others (MMB near players), you'll spawn with some normal weapons.
- Pumpkins containing gifts are dropping all around the map. Search for them as you will find some gifts!
- Additional $500 & 1 score point for each kill.
- Additional $1000 & 1 score point for each capture.
- Once possessed, you must heal by any means to cure yourself or you'll die.
- Some checkpoints are found all around the map, you can try entering one of these at your own risk.
- Use /pumpkins or /currentdrops to check the current amount of lost pumpkins.
- You will receive gifts from the peds and admins.
- Donors can no longer use the vortex in enemy bases as it will be considered base raping.
- Vortex's now spawn with less vehicle health.
- Fixed a bug with clan ranks.
- Fixed a bug with the AC system where it randomly kicked people.
- Temporarily disabled the goggles in an attempt to fix the server crashing problem.

Have fun and don't forget, Trick or Treat?

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  RWW Version Notes [v8.6]
Posted by: Evocator - 10-15-2015, 11:56 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (45)

Real World at War TDM v8.6 Release Notes:
Update Implemented on: 16th of October, 2015

[Image: vIL9tSe.png]

RWW Version 8.6 has now been released! We've added quite a few major new features and we worked a lot on fixing old bugs to enhance your gameplay. RWW Version 8.6 is designed for SA-MP 0.3.7.

- Increased the amount of cash and score points given when a cargo mission is finished.
- Added few mission achievements.
- The ranking of mission records now sync your account name and keeps it updated on the list.
- Fixed a bug in the missions' records.

Dropping Weapons
- You can now drop weapons!
- Hold a weapon you wish to drop and /dropweapon to drop it.
- Players drop their weapons when they die.
- You can pick up weapons by pressing the Y key.
- Donors have more chance to pickup more ammo from dropped weapons.
- Total weapons dropped gets saved in your stats.

In-Game Clans!
- Finally a clan game system is here.
- Removed the old group system.
- You can create a clan by /createclan (tag) (name)
- Clans have 10 ranks which clan leaders can modify.
- Clan leaders are of rank 9 and above.
- You can set clan descriptions, MOTD, Rules, Balance and much more.
- A full detailed rank menu by /clan.
- You need to be of rank 8 (4500 score) to create your own clan.
- Once a clan is created, 3 members should join it or else the clan will expire.
- Once 3 members joined, the clan will self expire in two weeks unless a leader joins the server.
- Peds donate $1 for clans on a clan member kill and fines a $1 on a member death.
- Peds also donate $2 for every captured zone by a clan, (3+ clan members should be in the zone to count).

- Reworked the whole shop system.
- Donors now pay way less cash for land and air vehicles.
- Added more vehicles in the land menu.
- Reworked the shop menus.
- Decreased the cost of fighting styles.

- Donating levels now expire.
- Old donors have an extra free year (two years until the level expires).
- New donors donate for the levels for a year now.
- Added new donor features.
- Donors can now set their own custom vehicles to spawn.
- Added a donor menu (/dmenu) for a list of information.

- Your total amount of SAMs launched now save.
- Added you an auto login feature.
- The auto-login feature is totally secure. It is a tight system that makes sure of the access before granting it.
- You can turn the auto-login system using the /settings.

- A new vehicle-name display text once you enter a vehicle.
- The toxic creation does no longer spam your screens with the creating message.
- Removed the dialog of the clan info that is displayed on spawning.
- Replaced the dialog with a nicer info box.
- Updated the rules, commands, and help menus.
- The peds now tip you on the server features.

- Reworked the whole anim system.
- Added many new anims.
- Fixed bugs with animations that were abuse-able.
- Added a small delay for animation using.
- Changed the /anims menu.

Radar Scrambler
- A new radar scrambling system.
- You can activate it from dry point.
- Once activated on a certain team, it will disable the whole team's radar for a certain amount of time.
- Team members will no longer be able to use their screen minimap.

- Added a chat for LGC members: /o (message).
- Reworked the /locate command for the arrow set on vehicles.
- Added few more achievements.
- Reworked the bad modifications detection system, more accurate now.
- Added an extra check for players who attempt to get in your vehicle as passengers while its moving.
- Added a delay for the zone capturing as many had problems with the capturing animation in fights.
- A better time display format.
- Many other script core improvements and changes.
- Renamed UG radio.
- Added a delay for arenas joining to prevent abuse.

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  Welcome to the new forums!
Posted by: Evocator - 10-01-2015, 09:28 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (1)

Welcome to the new forums!

Due to many factors; including how old SMF is, we decided it was time we move to a better software. This will be our new official forum, don't worry! Things are pretty messed up now, but hopefully it will be fixed in no time.
The only obvious problem you will be facing here is your display nicknames which will be the same as those you used to login with on SMF. No problem with that! Each user will have a free 1 time name change now. Please check this thread on how to request a nickname.

If you have any suggestions, complaints or requests for the new forums please let us know.

Thank you.

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  Respect guests, members and players' religion.
Posted by: Sledgehammer - 09-26-2015, 09:53 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (12)

Good morning Limitless Gaming,

It's been a while since I've posted within this board. Recently, myself and the admin team have been concerned about players trolling with each other by flaming their religion. This topic is to overview this issue and to create some awareness.

An example of what players might inappropriately spam or say is "ALLAHU AKBAR" (Allah is great, Source: google). If a staff member oversees you talking/ spamming about religious content such as the above example, they shall firstly warn and ask you to stop. If you continue, you may get kicked or muted. In severe cases, a ban might be issued. The only time it is acceptable if the other party isn't offended by what you said, and it isn't publicly visible (i.e- PM, Skype and TS3).

If you feel you've been insulted, please don't defend yourself otherwise it might end up in an argument, or getting yourself wound up; It really isn't worth the effort to deal with such people. Simply ignore the player, and if needs too, please use the command /ignore or/ and the command /report. You may report them on the forum if you feel it is necessary to take it further.

We're concerned about this issue because it might offend members, players and guest; Putting a bad label on the server. Some may consider this as a form of bullying, and it can be quite a sensitive subject.

Disregard the current issue of such conflict going on this world. No one shouldn't be talking about anything religious stuff as this is a gaming community. Thus anything about religion's could be considered as spam. Talking about such content on a TDM server could be considered as highly disrespectful. Other words, there isn't any excuses why anyone should be talking about it.

This quote perfectly sums up my above points:

(09-21-2015, 03:16 PM)ian link Wrote:Excessive religious content, especially if promoting and/or disrespecting, insulting or offending religions, is not tolerated on this server. The decision to what extent or whether the respective content is excessive is a decision made by the staff members.

Please don't engage in a conversation with some idiots spamming things about religious stuff. Decisions of what punishment should be given is made by the staff member. If a staff member tells you to stop something, please stop; They have a painful job as it is. If a player doesn't respect other member, guest, or player's religion, unfortunately, that player isn't welcome to this community. I'm not a religious person, however I've got some decency to respect other people's religion. Do you?

Thank you for reading.

Kind Regards,

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