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  RWW Version Notes [v8.1].
Posted by: Evocator - 10-20-2014, 08:01 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Real World at War TDM v8.1 Release Notes:
Update Implemented on: 20th October, 2014

- Incob version 1.29
- /ignore (name/id) function (http://lgsamp.com/forum/index.php?topic=4647.0)
- Minor bug fixes.
- New death/kill screen preview.
- The boxes will remain hidden after death/spawn if you disabled it.
- Auto-Vehicle ejection is no longer available.
- Advanced base rape system.
- Added three new commands for vehicle passengers control:
/ejecte - eject everyone from your car.
/eject (name/id) - eject someone from your vehicle.

- /servermsgs to disable the random server messages.
- A new group system:
  /grouphelp - group commands
  /groupname - change your current group name*
  /groupcreate - create a new group
  /groupleave - leave your current group
  /groupinvite - invite someone to join the group (immediate if owner, requested if member)
  /groupowner - Send the ownership to another member*
  /groupjoin - join an active group
  /groupkick - kick someone from a group*
  /grouplist - list the members of a group
  /groupmessage (/grm) - group chat
*Owner only access.

- /radio for universal-gaming's stream!
- Once connected using a registered account, you have 60 seconds to login before you get kicked.
- "Spawn Protection" text is displayed above a player while under spawn protection.
- A new bonus for zones!
  /bonuszone - check the current bonus placed & on which zone.
  A new zone is selected, or timed-out every 8 mins.
  Be the first one to capture the zone to get the prize!

- A new item case in Desert Airport.
- New players wont be forced to register as we are being flodded with new accounts, so its your choise to use the /register command to register an account or not.

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  RWW Version Notes [v8].
Posted by: Evocator - 09-19-2014, 07:08 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Real World at War TDM v8 Release Notes:
Update Implemented on: 19th September, 2014
- This is a major script update! I've optimized the script as much as possible for the best experience.
- Server will auto kick 8Mins+ paused players (Admins/Donors excluded).
- Server is now protected by INCOB anticheat version 1.1
- New donor features:
/dcloak will make you invisible on the radar until you die (drank 2).
3x money per kill.
2x spawn ammo.
2x score per kill.
Donors rank 2 will ALWAYS have access to the counry dam's 4 gates (read below)

- Server has a new look (colors/words etc)
- Converted everything into dialogs.
- New team selection place. New intro.
- /serverinfo  and be amazed.
- /teams is now /total with everything.
- Admins will no longer add you to an event, thus you can join by yourself!
- You'd receive a score point now for helping someone capturing an area.
- Fixed the "Do Not Attach Your Team Mate" bug.
-  Added you a new clock! /clock to toggle it.
- Increased rhino health to 2000 units, and hydra/seasparrow to 700.
- You stats will be auto saved from now-on every 10 mins of gameplay.
- Created a duel system for y'all to enjoy:
/duelinvite (name/id) ($$) (Weapon1) (Weapon2)

A limit of 5 duels can me running at the same time.
You may choose any weapon you want (except heavy ones).
You are invisible on the radar.
Thanks to iAnonymous for the mapping.

- Arena colors are now changed (http://lgsamp.com/forum/index.php?topic=4258.0)
- Introducing the server clock, 1 min/sec time. You can toggle it with /clock.
- Admins will no longer add you to an event, you can join or leave by /joinevent, /leaveevent.
- Added you 5 capture points. (trains station, lost mountain, old farm, country dam, prickle point, SF crane)
  The country dam has its own gates, you must capture the dam in order to have access.

- Commands now support names/ids.
- Modified the player's colors, you will see them a bit different on the map.
- Server will be taking the same amount of cash from the dead person and giving it to the killer.
- /hidetd to toggle the newsbox and stats updates. (once hidden you will be getting the part messages in the chat).
- /kill wont directly kill you, as you should wait 5 secs. In the meantime if you are taking damage the server wont kill you.
- I created you a new toxic system (similar to the nuke one but with extra functions and more enjoyable).
You need to capture both ships in sanfierro to your team (http://i.snag.gy/TvSTu.jpg).
Must head to the cargo ship under the skull map icon (#1) into the red checkpoint and type /toxic to start creating the bomb. You have 2 mins to launch it or it will explode and kill you (http://i.snag.gy/ma1NW.jpg).
Launching takes place on the biological ship (#2), head to the captain's pit and enter the red checkpoint. Type in /launch and choose a base to launch your bomb to.
Once launched and according to the wind speed it will reach the chosen base, any enemy inside will get infected and die within 45 seconds (http://i.snag.gy/Dl4kQ.jpg).
You will earn score points once created, launched and on every hit. Hope you enjoy!
NOTE THAT: once the dialog is displayed, you have once chance to launch the bomb, DO NOT CLOSE THE DIALOG OR YOU WILL LOOSE IT.

- You can now capture Big Ear for your team and use /locate (name/id) to set a checkpoint on the last player's position.
- You can now enter all the stadiums via the case.
- Bans are not temperary, as any ban will be lifted in 2 weeks, unless the admin decided a lower amount,
All the old bans (before V8) have been lifted.

Thanks to SuperJ, Death1300, iAnonymous, Klaphark, and everyone who helped for making this possible.

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