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RWW No Heavy Vehicle Week!
[Image: JEYgmOj.png?1]

Its been a while ago since we saw anyone's real fighting and surviving skills around RWW. 
For the entire week, no players will be able to drive and pilot heavy vehicles. You will not be able to drive Rhinos, pilot Sea Sparrows, Hydras nor Hunters. This event will last for a whole week (end on 04-March-2016). All weapons are still available, and you can always find other ways to defend yourself.

In addition to this event, we have released a new version that includes:
- Updated the screen TDs, changed their position and reworked the way they work.
- Added the /addbonus command that allows anyone to increase the cash reward set on the the bonus player.
- Added the highest spree on /top list.
- Decreased the default bonus player score.
- Fixed an auto login bug that disabled the feature if you weren't granted access in the previous session.
- Patched a bug that allowed cheaters to teleport to the normal world and use a minigun.

Patch 28-02-2016:
- Fixed /changename bug.
- Added colored screen textdraw colors.
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

Nice plan Evocator! By this real skill of players will be judged
 [Image: ECddaUw.png]If you like to join [EF] EXPERT FORCE clan contact me.
Cool Tongue. Thanks @Evocator.
[Image: JuyBVG8.png]
User NOT Found In Our Database!

thank you very much!!!! Now it will be much more kills , Well Well pilots , the time has come to resemble foot. ;PPP
[Image: d5a14440d74b.gif]
God bless Evoc.
Finally, The much awaited No Heavy Vehicles week is here. Thanks evo
(02-25-2016, 06:15 PM)Hollow Wrote: Cool Tongue. Thanks @Evocator.
[Image: JuyBVG8.png]

Captain was in 135 spree last day I saw.

Anyway evo you great
[Image: eWjGaDJ.jpg]

should of been a month, but okay, thanks
(02-25-2016, 07:05 PM)Danny Wrote: should of been a month, but okay, thanks

fk off
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

Well done.

I only wish that Ronald would be back and hit a new record in highest killing sprees (his highest was 296 on foot I guess)

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