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TeamSpeak 3

On behalf of SledgeHammer, whom we thank for the bringing back of the server, I'd like to announce that our TeamSpeak 3 server is now back online! We warmly invite you over for a chat and warmly invite you to dispose of this free communication form for you to chat and discuss with other online players and friends.

TeamSpeak 3 IP:

See you there!
Thanks to the RWW Staff it was really nice talking to @Sledgehammer and others, I'll always keep my ts3 open while playing Smile
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Thanku Rww staff it was really fun to talking with u guys while playing Big Grin
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Now I can sing :v,This really good Wink well done server staffs.
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Great job!
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Awesome! Although I'm having trouble with his british accent, this is great! Big Grin
Mostly playing Australia, but also Arabia and USA. Actually always playing Australia.

If you need any help concerning the game or the forums feel free to contact me.

Sollten Sie Hilfe im Spiel oder Forum benötigen, können Sie mich kontaktieren.

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That time will come, one day you'll see, when we can all be friends... (Queen)
Will be coming soon!
Good job. @Sledgehammer
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(01-28-2016, 09:34 PM)MistRr Abdu Wrote: Thanku Rww staff it was really fun to talking with u guys while playing Big Grin
Had a talk with @Captain and @Han, Thanks to RWW's staffs
Immortal Force [iF]

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Good to hear.

EDIT: No pun was intended.

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