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RWW Version Notes [v9]
[Image: LdHNTdI.jpg]

Hi everyone! The latest RWW version is now running on the server and available for you all to enjoy. We added quite new features and changed others to provide you with the best gaming experience. This update is a major internal update. Some changes were applied that many of you might not realize of.
Here is a list of changes

Display, UI
- Warning styles changed.
- Many color adjustments were applied.
- Multiple dialog color changes.
- Reshaped information, help and damage textdraws.
- Reworked /spree style of display.

- Fixed a swap machine bug that caused a screen text not to display.
- Added the ability to disable auto capture.
- Auto capture can be toggled in /settings.
- Once you enter a zone while auto capture is disabled, you must press the LALT (Left Alt) to capture.
- Area 51 spawn points changed.
- Area 51 control room now has a gate. You need to capture Area 51 to be able to access the room.

- Mercs can enter bases without being shot to death.
- Base SAMs were added.
- SAMs were auto target any air vehicle to enter the base after a couple of seconds.

Base Vehicle Repair
- Players can now repair air vehicles inside their bases.
- Once a player enters an air vehicle, a red zone inside the base will appear.
- You need to press N inside the red area to fix your vehicle.
- You must stay inside the vehicle and inside the red zone to fix the vehicle.
- Fixing a vehicle costs $1000.

Quick Strings
- I have added quick strings.
- Quick strings are small phrases that are replaced by information for you too share.
- You can type a quick string in the text you are typing.
- Quick strings are also replaced by the name/id of commands.
- Here is a list of quick strings. Ones marked with a * are also replaceable with name/ids
[Image: 9Ea9nGp.png]

- An alert will be sent to all clan members when the clan expires or is deleted.
- An alert will be sent to the user if someone failed to login to your account.
- An alert will be sent if someone exceeded login time with your account.

Toxic, Nuke
- Added new zones to the toxic dialog.
- Removed useless zones from the nuke that were never used.
- Changed the nuke display to a checkpoint.
- You will see a countdown of the time when you create the toxic bomb.

- Added Area 51 SAMs.
- Area 51 SAMs can be accessed from Area 51's control room.
- You can target Area 51's SAMs on anyone inside Area 51 and in an air vehicle.
- You can target 3 SAMs at once.
- Each SAM costs you $10000.

- /locate now display the jail time if someone is jailed.
- You will get a message if someone is trying to locate you.
- Added new information in /help dialogs.
- Added donor boats (@ev0lution's request).
- Donor boats can be changed in /dmenu.
- Added shortcuts to commands, here is a list:
[Image: WZAJEjM.jpg]

Classes / Teams
- Mercs can now /locate anyone.
- Mercs can use any shop at any base.
- Increased the score Mercs receive on each kill by 1.
- Increased the cash Mercs get on each kill by 10%.
- Increased the moltoves ammo for pyroman.

Bugs / Typos
- Fixed a bug that caused a desync of timers and the server's clock.
- Fixed a bug related to ammo syncs.
- Fixed a bug that caused extra ammo to be given above limits.
- Fixed a bug that caused mission top lists to rank duplicates.
- Cleared all mission top logs.
- Reworked headshots, hopefully to fix headshot bugged players.
- Donors now receive double the score of normal players in minigun deathmatch arena.
- Fixed a typo with the anti-headshot helmet's cost in shops.
- Fixed a bug related to shooting mission boost.

- Everyone's settings has been converted back to normal for I fixed a bug with the setting's saving.
- Removed half of the server's vehicles in an attempt to track the server crashing issue.
- Added a new IRC bot in #rww channel.
- Peds are smarter, more clever now.
- Minor AC updates.
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

What can I say about @Evocator . He is the Best person of the world.
User NOT Found In Our Database!

I've waited for this update for a while. Gj
[Image: Tan2014-9-14_23924470_0.jpg]
Awesome updates. Good work @Evocator.
[Image: qxB5iVL.png.png]

@Evocator . U R AWESOME MAN.
I was waiting for this, and It's awesome. Thank you
[Image: giphy.gif]
(02-04-2016, 07:46 AM)Ma(D)oG Wrote: What can I say about @Evocator . He is the Best person of the world.

Trust me
Nice updates Big Grin
[Image: 0cv2VSe.jpg]
[Image: lJXmUxy.jpg]
Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.

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