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How to join us on TeamSpeak 3!
[Image: slider-teamspeak-logo.png][Image: WLQv5m9.png]

What is TeamSpeak (3)?

TeamSpeak is software / program which allows you to speak and chat (i.e communicate), with your friends, over the internet, using your voice (+ supports text chat).

How do I get TeamSpeak3 (TS3)
Click me to be directed to the TS3 official download site.

I've got TeamSpeak, how do I connect!
Connecting to our TeamSpeak is very simple.

1. On the top left, click the connections tab.
2. Click Connect
3. Type in the server address ( and type in your nick.
4. Click connect and Tadaa, you're in!


What are the server groups?
Server groups are groups which group you in specific qualities you may inherit. Certain server groups unlock abilities such as the ability to set an avatar, assign a priority speaker & channel commander and create a temporary channel.

How do I join the group I fulfill the requirements for?
Contact a lead administrator to be added to a server group.

Can I have my own channel?
In order to obtain your own channel, you must prove to us that you are or/and will be active. Once proven so, i.e stuck around and etc, ask any administrator kindly whether they can create a channel for you. Donors automatically obtain a channel upon request.

Happy team-speaking!


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