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RWW Version Notes [v9.0.8]
Real World at War TDM v9.0.8 Release Notes:
Update Implemented on: 7th of April, 2016

Mainly a security update regarding the new IP change. Additional changes:

- Random weapons are now dropped all over the bases, be the first to pick!
- You can now purchase a SAM to target from the shops for $25000.
- Decreased the cost of SAMs for pilots to $15000.
- No longer lose airstrike flare, mines or SAMs on unfair deaths.
- You now have the ability to start a new life and reset ALL your stats. This is irreversible. /newlife.
- AC update.
- The server automatically locks heavy vehicles (excluding seasparrows) if few players are online.
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

Impressive work
 Thanks Evocator  Big Grin
                                                           [Image: xq3EZVT.png]

Fuck, I love this release!

How much players need to be online for heavy vehicles to work?

Quote:- You now have the ability to start a new life and reset ALL your stats. This is irreversible. /newlife
Does it say in the new stats that the user had a previous life?
I am better than you :=)
Good work.

Not sure if I'm exactly happy with the purchase-able SAMs though.
Great update
Thank you evocator
[Image: VDne38S.png]
a.k.a [iF]Zayan[LGC]
Immortal Force [iF]
(Signature designed by CupraDaK1nG)
Great work. Thank you. Smile
[Image: MDuvilg.png]
You're welcome to throw any questions, I'll be there to help you.
Finally)))) I am pleased very much this update) Several players is how much?)
[Image: fJtdCNw.png]
I am [SKF]Infantil aka aeQwilibriumWow aka [nWu]STi_[LGC] aka [LGC]__THE.BOO[iF] aka [LGC]Dr_____bOo[iF] aka [LGC]OutSideBOO[iF] aka [LGC]WuQ1xBeatz[iF] aka [LGC]#MLX.eFFect[iF] aka [LGC]_=THE.BOO=_[iF] aka [LGC]Gamb1TT.cfg[iF] aka [LGC]_=.xBOOx.=_[iF] aka [LGC](==TABOO==)[iF] aka aequilibrium]iF[LGC]
Oh yaaaa Dud thanks again evo da best.
[Image: eWjGaDJ.jpg]

(04-07-2016, 05:24 AM)NehadBiceps Wrote: Oh yaaaa Dud thanks again evo da best.
[Image: 3NtY188QaxDdC.gif]

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