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Suggesting Events

To make the server's events even more interesting, I decided to give you the option to suggest events!

To suggest an event, use the format given below and PM it to @ian

[b]Your inGame Name:[/b]

[b]Title of your event:[/b]

[b]Describe your event:[/b]

Please note that:

 - You can't suggest events where players are supposed to kill other players (such as TDM events). Reason: It is very difficult to organize.
 - You can't suggest events where players should be teleported to multiple places.
 - You can't suggest events where other things than (except vehicles) should be spawned/created.
 - Please think twice if your event can really be realized.
 - Do not ask for things like "Let me fly the plane with 'avoid the plane event'"

Mostly playing Australia, but also Arabia and USA. Actually always playing Australia.

If you need any help concerning the game or the forums feel free to contact me.

Sollten Sie Hilfe im Spiel oder Forum benötigen, können Sie mich kontaktieren.

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That time will come, one day you'll see, when we can all be friends... (Queen)

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